I like chicken wings. And sports, especially martial arts. I am currently studying information management at the TU Braunschweig. I also am basically webdesigner and entrepreuner and occasionally write articles. My biggest dream is to be a real great magician who drives a Lamborghini Aventador. Or to be a Super Saiyan. Rather the latter one. Shoot me a mail anytime to any subject related to the contents of this website.


Themedale is the new marketplace for websites. Themes are presented absolutely revolutionary and buyers can chose to buy support additionally to the item itself to get access to the built in, greatly moderated support forums.

Items themselves are using the most recent CSS and JavaScripts and also the best and most advanced WordPress administration framework (written by me, hehe): Inferno.

Well. At least that’s the plan how it is going to be. Work in progress, not yet launched.


I’m doing Jeet Kune Do right now and do love it. I hope to become a Super Saiyan some time.

I also enjoy to play football with friends or to go to the gym. By the way, I don’t smoke and don’t drink any alcohol. At least most of the year. Not the subject to be badass.


Okay, I admit. I’m kind of an attention seeking guy addicted to Instagram. Follow me there!