Swath through Reality

My first blog post

I am thrilled to have you here. Please come along with me on my journey. You can expect regular and high quality articles on branding, marketing, copywriting, business, programming, cryptocyrrency, life lessons, self improvement and from time to time maybe a bit of political nagging. I will try to keep everything as short and valuable as possible, so bookmark this blog now.

I really wanted to take off today, so there is no RSS or email subscription yet. For now, if delivering the content is what this site does and nothing more, it's sufficient for me. As this is my only intention.

The reasons broiling inside

  1. I need an outlet for the better ideas and thoughts. They need to stay somewhere, in written form.
  2. I want to learn writing. Primarily copywriting. So this is practice ground, and you can learn and improve with me on this.
  3. I also want to shape myself more publically as a software engineer, so programming topics will be part of the blog. It's a very valuable skill that many great thinkers of our time advocate, so even if you don't code yourself this might be of interest.
  4. Forcing myself to deeply deal with subjects that I write about.
  5. Hands can move rocks, words can move mountains. No matter how much I work, if I want to achieve more in whichever area, I need to start talking.

The impulse

I've thought about starting a blog quite some time now, but I just ended up building it a few times and leaving it. I wasn't interested in using a blog to achieve what I want to achieve. It was merely an option.

Recently I discovered that Dan Abramov, one of my personal idols when it comes to programming (and more) has also started a blog: Overreacted.

He, once again, excelled himself. Not only is the content brilliant as usual, it also woke my desire to blog myself. It's so clean and essential, so content centered, that even the dark mode and coffee cups as a measure for reading time feel like an ingenious feature and personal note.

So yes. Dan Abramov is mainly the reason for the blog as he might or might not be presented to You at the time of reading (but not for the content, obviously).

Enjoy. And bookmark. But mostly enjoy. Seriously, bookmark - or do whatever you need to do to come back.

Thank you.